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Let us tell you briefly why you should come to a Nuffield Dental Clinic for your Wisdom Tooth to be removed.


Deep focus on sterility and specialist knowledge of pain free wisdom tooth removal in a Medisave accredited clinic.


For safe and professional removal of wisdom teeth, you will find at Nuffield Dental – experienced senior dentists and specialists working within a framework of well equipped dental clinics with a large focus and attention to sterility. Our patient base has increased mainly by word of mouth and we hope that you will tell you family and friends about our commitment to high end dentistry.

Naturally, you will be able to use your Medisave towards your wisdom tooth removal at Nuffield Dental Clinics.


Low Radiation CT scanners and a focus on high-quality Technology

All Nuffield Dental Clinics are equipped with VATECH Green CT Scanners and Xray equipment which give a comparably lower radiation dose. All equipment used at Nuffield Dental Clinics are specially chosen for the technological aspects that complement our dental treatment. We also continually upgrade our equipment for our patients’ benefit.


Stringent focus on sterility

Sterility is the foundation on which your trust and faith in your dentist begins.

You can place your trust on the sterility process observed at Nuffield Dental. We utilise high end vacuum autoclave machines which are absolutely essential for the instruments that we use for wisdom teeth removal.



Nuffield Dental Clinics have brought together experienced dentists in order for you to have successful wisdom teeth removal in each independent clinic. Even if you need intravenous sedation, you can have this done at your Nuffield Dental Clinic.


The Nuffield brand – a reputation you can trust

The Nuffield brand promises quality and confidence amongst those who choose us and appreciate us for the bespoke service we deliver.


High success rate

All of the surgeries done at Nuffield Dental Clinics have a high success rate due to the Nuffield Treatment Protocols and the equipment and materials that we have specially chosen for our patients.


Tailored Solutions

Everybody has different treatment needs and plans. At Nuffield Dental Clinics we will advise you of a tailor made solution based on your needs and budget.

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