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At Nuffield Dental Clinics Local Anaesthetic (LA) is typically used to numb teeth and associated soft tissues.


You can also choose to have Intravenous Sedation: Otherwise known as IV Sedation. The option which is not frequently chosen is General Anaesthesia:  Otherwise known as GA. Our Singapore sedation dentistry allows patients to have their wisdom teeth extraction to be done in comfort.


Our dentists at Nuffield Dental understand that patients are often nervous and fearful prior to wisdom teeth surgery.  We aim to make you as comfortable as possible through a variety of anaesthetic techniques.  The type of anaesthesia which is best for you can be discussed with your Nuffield Dentist during your consultation.  Please be sure to bring a list of all medications with you to your consultation, your Nuffield Dentist will review your health history and answer all questions you might have.


Please call us today for enquiries on Singapore Sedation Dentistry and Wisdom Teeth Extraction.

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